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[Live Video - Full Set] La Dispute // The Catalyst // 03.28.2014

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i’m out of physical copies and i’m broke as heck right now so I put up the zine online, check it out please. let me know if you like it, hate it, made you cry all that jazz. thank you.

Check out Miguel’s zine. There are interviews with The Hotelier, State Faults, Carly Hoskins, myself and more. 

Altered Course Sessions - Mixtape 001, by Cavis Tapes

Just a reminder that you can download this for free. I’m seeing crappy YouTube compressed rips of different songs that are on this mixtape posted on here. Get these from there source.

Maybe it’s time for Altered Course Mixtape 002?

theshootojunkie said: When are you going to restock the large cursed patches?


Hm.  Good question.  I’ll check it out, they take a lil bit.  

Cursed patches on everything


zine is up.features interviews with knucklepuckil homelikenoplaceisthere statefaults tinymovingparts cavistapes carlyhoskins and more. with material contributed by nothingisnevergood, anthony martinez, marco ramos matthew wainwright,  and david del angel (ouergraffix). all money goes towards the smile seekers in riverside, CA.

cop one, reblog/share this. anything helps. thank you


Moose Blood recently stopped by the No Sleep Records office to be the Twelfth in our Acoustic Warehouse Sessions series. They did two songs, “Cherry”, and “Bukowski” (both taken from their upcoming LP). Enjoy, and look for more soon.

A special thanks to..

Moose Blood for doing this
Chris Avis of Cavis Tapes for recording this
SJC for letting us use their road case
Fender Guitars for the beautiful Acoustic Guitar

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This is one of my favorite No Sleep Warehouse Sessions I’ve recorded. Two brand new Moose Blood songs!

[Live Video - Full Set] Pianos Become the Teeth // The Catalyst // 03.28.2014

NSR100 - "A Comp for Mom" 12"


Just an FYI, only like 10 copies left of the Red w/ Cream Splatter color way. But don’t worry, there’s a good amount of the other color way left if you can’t get it just yet.

A HUGE thanks to anyone who has grabbed a copy, truly appreciate it.


[Live Video - Full Set] Never Young // MOCO // 03.30.2014


I met up with Hemingway on their tour to support their debut album “Pretend to Care” in a parking lot in Fresno, CA.  This was the first time Ben had played any Hemingway song acoustically, and he also does a Morrissey cover! Finally, their set from the MOCO art gallery in Oakland ends this session. This is Altered Course 019.

ALTERED COURSE 018 // Better Off

Luke from Better Off played a couple songs for me in the 6131 corner of the No Sleep Warehouse while on tour with Major League and Have Mercy. He played one song from their debut LP “(I Think) I’m Leaving” and one brand new song. This is Altered Course 018.


Check out Battle Lines performing ‘Colonies’ at one of their 2014 SXSW shows.

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[Live Video - Full Set] Better Off // Chain Reaction // 02.18.2014

[From the Archive] dredg // Rhino Records // 11.10.2006

[From the Archive] Converge // The Alpine // 10.19.2007